This changelog is for W-APP users only. If you are using a remote or W-APE there are no new features and the lights do not need any updates.


2019-10-10 App 1.76, W-APP 2.8, Lights 4.8

* W-APP can now enter DMX-Transmitter-Mode without App.
Hold the button longer when turning on -> DMX-Transmitter-Mode. Use the button to switch groups. Hold longer to turn off.
* Fixed charger LED showing red when plugged in and battery already full
* Improved W-APP battery management for longer runtimes
* Fixed old LightCans showing up as Wall-Lights in DeviceStatus

2019-07-08 App 1.68, W-APP 2.7, Lights 4.8

* Compatibility improvements for DMX-Receiver
* Improved DMX-Transmitter: Less framedrops / stuttering in certain situations
* Lights remember the last color that was sent from W-APP when turned off and on
* When W-APP is plugged in it will just charge the battery and turn back off when unplugged

2019-06-04 App 1.63, W-APP 2.6, Lights 4.7

* Improved Wall-Light Button Sensors
* Added Group-info to Device Status page
* Device Status now shows DMX as disabled when its disabled

2019-05-31 App 1.59

* Fixed Switch between "Load Color" and "Custom Program" sometimes not working on 1st attempt
* Fixed MusikMode not working for only one group with source WAPP
* Fixed MusikMode unreliable with source WAPP and WAPP charging
* Fixed Custom Programs sometimes not transmitting completely
* Added MusikMode Menu when button is pressed

2019-05-02 App 1.49

* Fixed app-crash after light update is complete
* Fixed: Loading a custom color that was created in "custom rgbw" did not work on some devices.
* Fixed wapp-updater showing the wrong firmware version

2019-04-23 App 1.45

* Added new fast and reliable "Update Lights"
* App saves state of all groups
* Added Multi-Group control of specific settings like brightness

* W-APP now supports additional ApeLabs products:
- Double-Wall Mini & Track Mini
- Double-Wall Maxi & Track Maxi
- ApeLight PAR 56/64
- ApeCoin